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I live close to Houston, TX in a cypress swamp. I love the cypress trees, the frogs croaking in the evening, and the beautiful green color of the trees in the hot summer. I have 2 children, Allyson, 31 and Chris, 28. They both live nearby so we are a very close family. Ally is an insurance agent and Chris works at the Houston Zoo in the bird department. He is the supervisor of his area. I have 2 grand babies, Kahner Ray Krengle and Garrett Alexander Krengle. Kahner is very special and whatever Kahner wants Kahner gets from his Nana. Kevin is my son-in-law who I adore and love very much. I am married to Dr. Gary Holmes. He is an administrator for the LaPorte ISD. He, also, is an adjunct prof at UHCL. I love almost everything to do with nature and the arts.

Monday, July 11, 2011

So Hot and Dry!

Our Lake behind the house is dry and the fish are all dead. The birds are suffering from no water so I put out seeds and water. So sad, but what can you do. I pray for rain everyday. Today we got barely a sprinkle but I praise the Lord that it is beginning to rain a little. Hopefully, soon we will get rain and lots of it. South East Texas is suppose to be very wet and lots of birds. I dread the Fall migration if this doesn't turn around soon.

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